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Curso Resgate Homem ao Mar em Inglês

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Technical Name: Rescue Man at Sea NR 29 Training Course

Reference: 170953

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NR 29 Man at Sea Rescue Training Course
The purpose of the course is to understand the aquatic rescue before operations carried out in the open sea or by the sea, aiming to prevent the physical integrity of the victims and people involved in the occurrence according to the scenario of the activity of those involved.
The Man at Sea Rescue Training enables, trains, guides, simulates necessary actions in chronological order, in order to reduce, neutralize or eliminate personal damage in port activities (sea operations) with risk of falling.

29.1.1 Objetivo
Regular a proteção obrigatória contra acidentes e doenças profissionais, facilitar os primeiros socorros a acidentados e alcançar as melhores condições possíveis de segurança e saúde aos trabalhadores portuários”

29.1.1 Purpose
Regulate mandatory protection against accidents and occupational diseases, facilitate the first aid to accident victims and achieving the best possible health and safety conditions for dock workers”

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