Curso Resgate Homem ao Mar em Inglês

Em conformidade com a NR 29 entre outras.
Regarding NR 29 and others.

Water/Sea Rescue Training
The goal of this training is to understand the water rescue in operations performed in the open sea or at sea, aiming at the prevention of the physical integrity of the victims and people involved according to the scenario of the activity.

Curso Resgate Homem ao Mar em Inglês
Curso Resgate Homem ao Mar em Inglês

Water/Sea Rescue Training
Program content Water/Sea Rescue Training:
Drowning prevention;
Risk prevention in work at heights NR 35;
Practical rescue training;
Respiratory system;
Types of accidents in water;
Immersion syndrome;
Degrees of drowning and treatments;
Risks awareness when working near the sea;
Use of PPE and CPE for working close to the water;
Identification and handling of chemicals;
Action Plan in cases of accident;
Communication systems;
Accidents involving chemicals;
Accidents prevention in embarkation and disembarkation.

Requirements: Water/Sea Rescue Training
PPE, CPE, and rescue structure as recommended by the Navy Standards, are responsibility of the Contracting Party;
Attestation from Participants of good physical and mental health conditions within 90 days;

Access from the water, a life raft, using lifejacket;
Concentration at the meeting point;
Untap life raft inside water;
Swimming 15 meters with and without a lifejacket;
Jumping from platform with lifejacket (3 meters height);
Keep yourself floating for 10 minutes;

Woekload: Water/Sea Rescue Training
Minimum workload Training: 16 hours
Minimum workload Updating: 08 hours

CERTIFICATION: The Certificate will be issued for each participant who obtains the minimum use of 70% (theoretical and practical) as recommended by the Regulatory Norms.

Updating: It is recommended annually or if happens an event that indicates the need for new training or updating.

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