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Curso Operador de Elevador NR 18 em Inglês

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Technical Name: Elevator Operator Course NR 18 - Safety and Health Conditions at Work in the Construction Industry

Reference: 171006

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NR 18 Elevator Operator Course
The Elevator Operator Course aims to establish and classify the order of operation, production, maintenance and organizational planning guidelines, which aim to implement control measures and preventive safety systems in the processes, conditions and environment of work in the construction industry.

What is Elevator?
The Elevator is a handling equipment, which are used by authorized and trained personnel, at engineering and construction sites, as well as serving service floor levels, containing cabins:
Designed to transport people or materials;
Vertical displacement or inclination of a maximum of 15° in relation to the vertical;
Support or suspended by means of steel driven by drum, rack and pinion, hydraulic piston (direct or indirect), or by an expandable articulated mechanism;
Towers, after assembled, may or may not need the support of separate structures.

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