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Curso NR 12 em Inglês

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Nome Técnico: Course of Interpretation and Applying of NR 12

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Curso NR 12 em Inglês
Course of Interpretation and Applying of NR 12
The ultimate goal of the Course of Interpretation and Applying of NR 12 consists in define techniques references, fundamental principles and protective measures to ensure health and physical integrity of the workers according to the NR 12, which sets the minimum requirements for prevention of accidents and work diseases.

What is the NR-12?
The Regulatory Standards approaches the projects phases and utilizations of machines and equipments, plus it’s own fabrication, importation, commercialization, exposition and cession to any title and economical activity, without the prejudice compliance quoted on the others Regulatory Standards and technical standards and, in case of their absence or omission, the international standards applicable.

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