Curso Trabalho em Altura em Inglês

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Curso Trabalho em Altura em Inglês

Safety Course and Health at Work in English
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Curso de Segurança e Saúde no Trabalho, em Inglês

Curso Trabalho em Altura em Inglês

Safety Course and Health at Work in English
gol:Department of Labor Inspection, the Ministry of Labor and Employment, published on 27/03/2012, Ordinance No. 313 of 23 March,  approving the Regulatory Standard 35 – Working at Heights.
This NR aims to establish the minimum requirements and protective measures for working at heights, involving the planning, organization and execution of the work, to ensure the safety and health of workers involved directly or indirectly with the activity.
The Ordinance has also about the responsibilities of the employer and employees; training; planning, organization and implementation; and personal protective equipment, accessories and mooring systems.

Safety Course and Health at Work in English
– Protective Equipment:
– Goals and Fields of Application;
– Use, Conservation and Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
– Collective and individual protection equipments, to reduce impact and fall factors;
– Risk of falling of materials and tools;
– Practical presentation of safety equipments, for what purpose they are produced, and how to use their strengths and weaknesses;
– Communication Systems.
Safety Course and Health at Work in English

Security procedures at Work:
– Planning, organization and execution of work;
– Routine operational procedures of working at heights;
– Requirements and documents needed to certify fitness to work at height;
– Minimum Security Requirements;
– Responsibilities of the height team supervisor;
– Specific risks of simultaneous work;
– Potential risks inherent in working at heights and measures to prevent and control;
– Requirements for hiring the Rescue Team;
– Protective measures for working at heights,
– Isolation methods and signaling the work area;
– Security System as slopes (slopes and inclines, etc.)
– Practical Assisted Training of difficulties encountered in daily work
– Structural Workplace Assessment
Safety Course and Health at Work in English
Preliminary Risk Analysis (PRA);
– Preparation of PRA and relevant considerations;
– Risk Analysis and impeding working conditions;
– Weatherandotherexternalinfluencesthatmayaltertheexecutionoftheserviceconditions;
Work Permit – WP:
– Issue;
– Responsible for authorization;
– Closing;
– Traceability.
– Validity;
– Vertical Hierarchy permission to work at height.
Safety Course and Health at Work in English
Basic Rescue Techniques at Heights:
– Energy absorbers;
– Typical accidents;
– Self-rescue; (Sked stretcher and basket hoisting)
– Pipelines in emergency situations;
– Physiological damage caused by falls;
– Descent and victim hoisting with and without litter;
– Horizontal displacement and access to places away from the stairs;
– Fall arrest devices;
– Establishment of systems and anchor points;
– Fall Factor and impact strength;
– With hoisting cable guide;
– Basic Techniques and Planning Rescue at Heights;
– Knots Fixation
– Rappel Notions (practice vertical lifeline and falls locks)
– Organized rescue and transfer lines, simulations with drivers assembly.
– Anchoring System (attachment points);
– Counter weight Systems; (Pulleys)
– Load Reduction Systems Pulleys;
– Climbdown Security Systems (brakes and knots security);
– Ascent Security Systems;
– Basic First Aid.
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Law and Safety Standards:
Responsibilities of the Employer and the Employee;
Rules and regulations applicable to working at heights;
NR 01 – General Provisions
NR 06 – PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
NR 07 – PCMSO Control Program Occupational Health
NR 35 – Working at Heights.
NFPA 1983: Standard on Lifeline and Fire Safety Components;
NFPA 1006: Standard for Technical Qualification Professionals Rescue;
NFPA 1670: Standard for Training and Technical Operations Search and Rescue Incidents;
NBR 15475: Vocational Qualification Rope Access.
NBR 15595: Rope Access Procedures for Application of the method
Safety Course and Health at Work in English

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