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NR 10 Basic Course in English

Technical Name: NR 10 Basic Course - Safety in Facilities and Services with Electricity

Reference: 10036

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NR 10 Basic Training
The NR 10 Basic Course addresses the minimum requirements and conditions aiming at the implementation of control measures and preventive systems, so as to guarantee the safety and health of workers who, directly or indirectly, and interact in electrical installations and services with electricity.

What is NR 10?
NR 10 applies to the generation, transmission, distribution and consumption phases, including the stages of design, construction, assembly, operation, maintenance of the electrical installations and any work carried out in its vicinity, observing the official technical standards established by the organs competent authorities and, in their absence or omission, the applicable international standards.  

When is NR 10 SEP Training (Electric Power System and its Proximities) mandatory?
Two-Phase or Three-Phase Connection without Transformer: Only Basic NR 10 Training (Safety in Installations and Services with Electricity) is required.
Any connection that has a Transformer is considered (Electric Power System), therefore the NR 10 SEP Training (Electric Power System and Its Proximities) is mandatory.
Up to 13.5 kV (kilovolts) is considered medium voltage, above 13,501 Volts is considered high voltage.
Above 75 kVA (kilovoltampere) the PIE (Electrical Installation Record) is mandatory, as recommended by NR 10.

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