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Curso NR 37 – Nível Avançado em Inglês

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Technical Name: Course NR 37 - Advanced Level - Safety and Health in Oil Plataforms

Reference: 172673

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Course NR 37 – Advanced Level
The NR 37 Advanced Level Course aims to establish the administrative orders for workers who enter the operational area and maintain direct contact with the process, carrying out the operation, maintenance or emergency assistance, such as:

Accidents with flammables;
Responses to emergencies with combustibles and flammables;
Notions of process safety for platforms;
Safety in the operation of electrical installations in explosive atmospheres;
Fire fighting.

On-Shore Platform:
It is the Platform that settles on dry land.

Off-Shore Platform:
It is the Platform fixed at sea.

Regardless of the difference between the On-Shore and Off-Shore platforms, both are used for drilling wells to extract oil and/or natural gas.

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