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NR 10 SEP Course in English

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Technical Name: NR 10 S.E.P. Course – Electrical Power Systems and their Surroundings

Reference: 10714

We provide courses and training; We perform Translations and Interpretations in Technical Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic and others consult

It is necessary that the Participants have been trained in the Basic NR 10 Training – 40 hours in less than 02 years, or have made the updating in less than 02 years.

It is recommended that the practical part be given in the site that the participants work (In Company).
It is important that the Instructor has access to the P.I.E. (Electrical Installations Register) and other documents of the NR 10, as recommended by the Regulatory Norm (NR).

“(*) These topics should be developed and directed specifically to the working conditions and characteristic of each branch, operation standard, voltage level and other specific peculiarities to the type or particular condition of activity, being obeyed the hierarchy of the worker technical improvement.”

(a) The Instructors are Engineers who master the Technical languages in Portuguese, German and English, Mandarin, Spanish, among others with international know-how and active Passports.
We do not work with interpreters, as they are matters of technical engineering levels, their version, interpretation and translation without engineering training can be harmed, inducing serious misunderstandings.
(b) All Professionals have mandatory Occupational Safety Training NR 10, NR 35, NR 33, NR 12, among others, updated and valid.
(c) Upon completion, certificates of participation and achievement will be issued, signed with electronic digital signatures by legally qualified professionals with active CREA:
Work Safety Engineer (Technical Responsible) with active CREA /ART;
Engineer. Electric/Sec. Work (Instructor) with active CREA /ART;
Occupational Physician with active CRM;
Technical Instructor for Fire Fighting, First Aid and Chemical Emergencies;

Click on the Link: Criteria for Issuing Certificates in accordance with the Norms

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