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Technical Name: Hydraulic Wheeled Crane Training Course NR 11 NR 12

Reference: 170888

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Wheel Crane Course
The purpose of the Wheel Crane Course is to classify the methods and procedures required to operate the motion of heavy loads and materials, imposing safety means to the operators in routine activities.

What is a Wheel Crane?
The wheeled crane is a piece of equipment used in motion operations in civil construction, with the purpose of facilitating the movement of heavy materials.

NR 18 – Safety and Health Conditions at Work in the Construction Industry The hoisting equipment, according to its specific characteristics, must have the following safety items:
a) maximum load limiter;
b) height limiter that allows the truck to brake when lifting loads;
c) monitoring device in the descent, if defined in the risk analysis;
d) sound alarm with automatic activation when the load or moment limiter is acting;
e) sound alarm to be activated by the operator in risk and/or alert situations;
f) safety lock in the millstone hook;
g) device installed in the pulleys that prevents the accidental escape of the steel cables;
h) course limiters for translation movement when installed on rails.

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