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Technical Name: Offshore Construction Crane Training Course

Reference: 170904

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Offshore Crane Course
The course aims to bring the methods of moving, transporting, lifting materials within an offshore construction, maintaining the safety characteristics within the occupational environment.

What is a Crane?
The cranes are vertical transport equipment with materials and components in construction environments, consisting of two ends with a lifting clamp and a counterweight, stabilizing the entire assembly.

Crane Types:
Ascension Crane;
Crane with Fixed Tower;
Crane with Mobile Tower.

NR 18 – Occupational Health and Safety Conditions in the Construction Industry When using crane equipment, the following documents, when
applicable, must be made available at the construction site:
a) cargo plan, as per subitem of this NR;
b) record of all preventive and corrective maintenance and inspection actions of the equipment, which took place after installation in the place where it is in operation, and the terms of technical delivery and release for use, as provided for in item 12.11 of NR-12;
c) proof of training and authorization of the operator of the crane equipment operating on site;
d) proof of qualification of the signalman/cargo lashing agent and the worker assigned to inspect cantilevered platforms for receiving cargo;
e) fixation project in the building or in an independent structure;
f) project for the access walkway to the crane tower;
g) checklists mentioned in this NR and safety instructions issued, specific to the operation of the equipment;
h) electrical grounding report with ohmic measurement, according to current national technical standards, prepared by a legally qualified professional and updated every six months.

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